Opera Trivia

Opera has been part of the tradition of Europe and it has been existing many years ago. One of the notable people in this art is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who has his own composition. This form of music performance has been considered by many as an elegant form as it is not an easy one to be just practiced and performed. Opera performances take months to be able to be prepared and until its performance. It is with the exception of the short opera performance that takes only minutes.

Opera performance could take hours to be finished and some days to be able to be concluded. Opera performances are not just made by actors and actresses but mostly by singers as it requires the singing ability. It could differ greatly with musicals as pieces of songs are being performed. Opera has its own entire story in the whole performance. Even if it is popular in France it did not take immediate likes in France. Now Europe is a leading center for opera performances.

But it is not just Europe as around the world, there are opera houses just like in the United States of America. The opera houses offer some class and standard as seen by many as they could not easily buy tickets or watch one. Here in New York City, there is the opera where you could enjoy performances. The good thing is that there could be a translation in different languages so you could enjoy it in your own language.